caustic soda

caustic soda

Sodium Hydroxide | Lye | NaOH

Pars Shimi Industrial group, provides high quality caustic soda in liquid and solid grade is packaging in 25 kilogram or 1 ton bags for export. caustic soda flakes 99% with NaOH molecular formula, is a solid and very useful chemical product which is used in many industries such as ceramics and glaze, food, soap, aluminium purification, Desulfurization and etc.

caustic soda

Pars Shimi Inc., established to provide highly popular chemical and petrochemical products and is headquartered at Tehran city.

Some of our products:

Caustic Soda ( Sodium Hydroxide ) | Calcium Carbonate | Quicklime and Slaked Lime | Aluminium Sulfate | Iron Ore | Phosphate Rock | Raffinate C4 | Paraffin | Salt | Sulfuric Acid | tar


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Telephone : +98 21 33324980
Mobile : +98 912 8124103      +(Mobile Apps)


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